Tuesday, September 29, 2015

My Aversion and Natural Birth Story part 1

 I think every birth story is miraculous with God's fingerprints clearly all over the process from conception to delivery! Before both of my labor and deliveries, I loved to read the experiences of other women, just to prepare myself for the process, and I hope that my story is encouraging to other mamas out there preparing to welcome their sweet babies into the world! I respect every mama who has had a natural, medicated or C-section delivery. It's not an easy job bringing a life into this world!

I am especially excited to share the birth story of my son, not even because of the details of his birth, but because of how God was glorified through it all.

Those of you who followed along with me know what a journey of faith this pregnancy was for my husband and I. At 20 weeks, the anatomy ultrasound found that one of his kidney's was dilated and we were referred to a specialist. At the specialist appointment, they also found that he had something called Echogenic bowel which not only is a sign of Down Syndrome, but it was also a possibility that our son had a serious, potentially fatal virus. We spent a week in tears and prayers waiting for those test results and praised God that the viruses were ruled out! You can read more about that experience here. 

We spent the rest of the pregnancy monitoring his kidneys as they got worse and worse and then as an answer to prayer started to improve at 37 weeks! This whole time, however, little guy was breech. He had never been head down and it was pretty clear that he didn't intend to head that direction anytime soon. With the position he was in, my doctor didn't feel comfortable turning him.

So my C-section was scheduled for September 18th.

I wasn't thrilled about having a C-section. I was able to have a natural labor with my daughter, and had been hoping to do the same with my son, so the idea of surgery really scared me. It wasn't in my plan, but God was teaching me to trust him with my son from the very beginning. I had so many people encouraging me and I really felt peace from the Lord about it.

I went to my appointment September 14th, knowing that my baby was still breech. It was just a routine checkup, but my doctor noticed that my son had a leg down and that made her a little more hopeful that she may be able to do an aversion. She wanted to do it before he had a chance to move his leg back up so she gave me the option of coming in the next morning at 7:30. If she was able to turn him, they would induce me, if there was a complication with the turning, she had the OR booked for an emergency C-section.

She left it up to me to decide if I wanted to go that route or just wait until my scheduled Friday C-section. As you can imagine, a decision that big is hard to make in one afternoon. I didn't like either option, to be honest. There are risks involved with aversions, and I had heard horror stories of Pitocin making the birthing process much more painful. But was surgery better?

I called friends and family for advice, but ultimately I had to decide what I felt was the best choice for my baby and me. That kind of pressure on top of the emotions of pregnancy was hard to handle. I spent a good portion of my Monday in tears and prayer asking God to show me what the best option was. 

I decided to go ahead with the aversion the next morning and trust the Lord that He would protect my baby when I couldn't! Even after deciding, I went back and forth and just felt anxious knowing what was about to happen. I remember telling my husband that I was nervous because I felt like nothing was easy for me. I'm the person that the nurse has to try at least 4 times to get an IV in. I just felt like that's how the next day would be. I was prepared for it to be complicated. I know that's a horrible mindset, especially for someone who knows that the almighty Creator of the universe is in control!

Ready or not, on September 15th, hubby and I packed our bags and left for the hospital. We prayed together for God's hand to be on our son, with my doctor, and for God's peace to be with us. As we were walking into the hospital, I remember feeling strangely calm for someone who knew they were about to be in a lot of pain!

After checking in, we were showed to a little room with a curtain right outside the OR. My vitals were taken and I prepared to have multiple veins rolled as the nurse stuck me for my IV. For the first time in my life, she got it in on the first try! My hubby said he was sitting there praying that would happen! That was just the first of many answered prayers that day.

The aversion: Before turning the baby, my doctor came in and gave me a shot of Tributaline which is a muscle relaxer. It made my heart beat really fast and made me very shaky and jittery. Then docter R. put some oil on my belly, sat on the bed next to me and had the nurse use the ultrasound to confirm baby's position. I was prepared to be in a lot of pain so I just laid back and closed my eyes. I felt my doctor's hands move in a circular motion on my stomach. My husband took a video of the whole process, but we aren't able to share it because it has the nurses and doctor's faces in it. Here is a snap shot off the video. This was taken mid-turn!

Literally seconds later, the nurse put the ultrasound back on my stomach to check his position. I didn't even realize that he had turned and was head down! The nurses said they had never seen anything like it before, and one of them joked that my doctor had magic hands. I'm blessed to have a Christian doctor who replied "no that was supernatural." I couldn't agree more. She said she had never turned a baby so easily before, especially on that had never been head down. Typically it's a much longer and pretty painful process. I told all of the amazed nurses in that room that we had a lot of people praying for us and for our little guy to turn, and God had answered. I'm still praising God for that opportunity to share how awesome He is!

I was immediately wheeled to Labor and Delivery, hooked up to monitors and put on Pitocin to get my labor started. I was prepared for a long, painful day but so excited to meet my little guy!

Labor and Delivery is shared here in Part Two!
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  1. I just got chills. The Lord never ceases to amaze. Glory to His name. Your testimony will undoubtedly touch and encourage others.

  2. Praise God!!! What a testament to how much he cares for us, in the big and little things! I can't wait to read more!!!


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