Wednesday, March 23, 2016

6 Month Update On Our Little Guy

Happy 6 months little guy! This mama is totally in denial that half a year has gone by already. And I know the summer is going to fly by even faster so I'm cherishing the snuggles while you're giving them.

You are in the process of learning to crawl but haven't mastered it just yet which is totally fine by me! I like knowing that you will be in the same place I set you down at when I return.

The day you turned 6 months, I gave you food (other than breast milk) for the very first time. It was a bittersweet moment. Yes, I unashamedly want to keep you little forever. We gave you oatmeal cereal and you were a big fan!

Clothing/Diaper Size
Size 3 diapers.
Size 12 month onsies and tops, size 9 month bottoms. Sorry dude, but you have short legs!

Health Update:
This month was rough health wise to say the least. We started the month off with both you and sissy having a bad cold and mild fever. Yours turned into an ear infection just as dad left for an out of town business trip. You ended up needing antibiotics to clear it up just in time to catch the stomach bug the next time dad was out of town. Dad needs to stop leaving us I guess!

We have taken so many trips this month now that it is finally sunny and warm outside! We had a lot of fun feeding the giraffes at the zoo, but only managed to get it's backside in the photo with us once we ran out of lettuce. Oh well!

 6 months marks your first fishing trip. I'm surprised we waited that long, but with all the sickness going around, we wanted to wait for a pretty warm day. You loved being outdoors and watching your sister reel in the fish. Won't be long before it's your turn!

You also got to play at the park with friends for the first time. I think you might have loved the swing. I don't think you stopped smiling the entire time you were swinging!


This is how we spend our days together. You like to be close to mama and I don't mind that one bit! Our days our crazy, but so full of love and life,  and I hope I can look back on these moments with my littles and have no regrets of how I spent my time.

Daddy scored major bonus points this month by buying me a Canon DSLR for my birthday. Let the photography begin! I'm so excited to start capturing the sweetness that is my family. Here's one of my first shots of you and daddy!

Dear sweet boy,

This has been a hard month watching you get sick for the first time and realizing that I can't protect you from this life. I wish I could. It's a reminder that this world is not our home. I want you to know that even at 6 months old your mama has been praying for you that you will grow up to be a world changer...not for this life, but for eternity. My greatest prayer is that you would grow to be a godly man in love with the Lord and serve him with your life. I want you to love the truth and be bold in sharing it. You are such a sweet, happy little guy and you love to interact with everyone around you. It's fun to see your personality develop as you explore and discover the world around you. We love you so much and are excited to watch you grow this coming month!

Love, your mama and daddy

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  1. He's growing up so fast and getting cuter by the second ;) I can't believe he's half a year old!

    Edye //

  2. You are blessed! You have a beautiful family.

    Please drop by and say hello!
    Harvest Lane Cottage
    ...doing what I can with what I've got where I am
    on a short shoestring budget!


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