Monday, April 11, 2016

God sees you on Monday

Exodus 2:25 "God saw the people of Israel-and God knew."'

Is your Monday feeling like....well a Monday?
Is your patience being tested?
Is your "to do" list overwhelming?
Is today not working out as you planned? 
God sees you 16 year old, even when you are confused by how you feel and what you want in life. There are so many decisions to be made about your future. You're expected to act like an adult but not quite treated like one. You feel alone, struggling to even understand yourself and who you want to become.
God sees you junior in College, living in a dorm with so many personalities it's easy to feel unnoticed, like there's really nothing special about you and who you're becoming. You know in just a few years you will be tossed out into the real world with a degree on paper and maybe some debt. But you wonder if you really know what you're doing or have what it takes to do this "adulting" thing?  God sees you wife, struggling to communicate and find time with your husband through the chaos of a life filled with kids, bills, dirty floors and piles of laundry.
God sees you mama, still in yesterday's yoga pants, trying to be mentally present and love on your kiddos when all you can think about is another cup of coffee, or better yet, a nap.
A girl can dream, right? 
Take heart, God sees you.
Even better, God knows.
He sees you on Monday in all it's glory and he knows what you're going through.
You aren't unnoticed. The God of the universe knows you need a nap, some quality time with your hubby, some reassurance from your parents, or direction for your future. 
No matter how lonely you feel on this Monday, you are not alone. 
God has a plan, even on Mondays. He can use you in your stained yoga pants, your emotionally drained mental state, and even in your insecurity. Whether you are a new mama or wife, teenager or college student, let Him use you in your weakness, because he sees you, and he knows.
"Friends, our deliverance—from whatever it may be—is already in the works. Just as the Lord had a greater purpose for Israel’s oppression (Genesis 15:13-16), He has a greater purpose for our suffering, too. Deliverance might not look like we expect, and might not come exactly when we hope, but it is coming. Even when we can’t see God working, when we feel like He no longer sees us, He’s working for our deliverance (Isaiah 64:1-4)." -She Reads Truth
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Colossians 3:17 
And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.


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