Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Faith Full Circle Bracelet Review

Days and even weeks can pass by without Christians ever finding an opportunity to share their faith with those around them. Sometimes it's because we are lacking boldness, but often because we are waiting for an organic opportunity to speak of what's truly important to us.

Faith Full Circle is on a mission to create opportunities for sharing our faith as well as raising cancer awareness and hope in the midst of suffering. A 2x breast cancer survivor, Vicki is using her gift of life to advance God's kingdom through her Faith Forward Ministry and a beautiful line of faith centered bracelets. 
Tree of Life half cuff bracelet with a silver Faith slider

The Tree of Life bracelet features a beautiful tree of life paired with sliders to represent your faith or a cause. What a great opportunity these bracelets provide when someone compliments their beauty or asks for the meaning. 
"The Tree of Life is referenced several times in the bible. One tree brought death (in the Garden of Eden), but another tree brought life (the cross). The Tree of Life may be thought of as the tree that Christ died on for you and for me and the tree (the cross) that brings eternal life."

These bracelets are offered in a variety of band color options to raise awareness for Cancer, domestic violence, and a variety of life threatening diseases. This is an opportunity to support friends in their battle against cancer or remind yourself of the hope found in the Tree of Life as you face your own difficult journey.
Tree of Life half cuff with an Open Awareness Ribbon

color options for cause bracelets

Faith Full Circle has a unisex leather bracelet line as well with a variety of engraved sayings, scripture and encouragement. These are perfect for a fundraiser with a purpose!
             Black Believe bracelet

Vicki was kind enough to send a bracelet for me to review and share here with The Life Of Faith readers. I chose the "Tree of Life Faith Bracelet", of course, as it seemed the perfect fit for me to represent my name and my faith in Christ. I chose the Teal color for the band in honor of my Aunt who has battled Ovarian cancer as well as a sweet childhood friend of mine who was recently diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer. 
 I was impressed with the quality of this bracelet and beauty of this bracelet. The sizing was absolutely perfect which is rare for my small wrists. It's something different than other jewelry lines offer and is exceptionally beautiful. I love that people notice it and when they ask about it, I can share my faith in the midst of this troubled world.
There truly is hope in the battle against cancer, abuse and evil in this world. That hope is found in Christ Jesus and our mission as believers is to spread this hope! I'm excited for this unique way to represent the gospel and the hope found in Christ.
As a special gift to my readers, Vicki is offering 10% off your order with the coupon code  "LifeOfFaith". Please visit Faith Forward to view the beautiful line of Faith Full Circle Bracelet's and share in the comments below which Cancer has affected your life and how you have found hope through your journey or that of a friend's. 
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Colossians 3:17 
And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.

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