Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Teach Your Kids To Swim DVD SALE!

Your child can learn to swim - no excuses!  It is one of your most important jobs!
With many ideas from the baby's first bath 
to how to dunk your child with confidence
to what to do if your 2 year old will not put his face under water 
to improving your child's kick
to how to get your child to swim by himself
and much more - in English and Spanish!
Underwater is fun! Order here and ask for your TWO  FREE online phone CONSULTATIONS

Miss Bea has been teaching swimming since 1971 and has had years of experience teaching babies, toddlers, and countless children how to swim. Because she felt there were no good guidelines out there to teach babies and toddlers to swim, she developed her own and put them together in an easy to use DVD called "Learn To Swim With Miss Bea" Here is a sneak peek of the DVD!

Miss Bea believes that YOU as your child's parent are the best one to prepare your child for the water and to teach them swimming, not only for their own benefit, but also for their safety! Because of that she is generously offering her DVD's at two for $10. 

You can read more about this offer by clicking here and then contacting Miss Bea for this exclusive deal!
Learn more at Swim Bea or subscribe to Miss Bea's YouTube Channel for more great tips and info. 

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