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  1. Hello Faith,
    i was searching for things on Hephzibah House lst night and found your blog. let's start with, you are so CreaTive!!! I love it!! Very Inspiring and i Can't wait to try your spice Punkin cookies with my daughters! I am a 37yr old mother of 3 beautiful children and married to their wonderful father for 14 years. I come from a cult-type background looking back on and i am estranged from my entire family as they have moved onto a total cult existence. They are very tight with the entire HH family. I just wanted to tell you that I am looking forward to reading your blog and I love seeing your love our Jesus. He is AmaZing the way He shows us Unconditional Love and doesnt turn His back on us! anyways THank You for the encouraging words, they are much needed!

  2. On your FB Page: At the top on the page next to 'photos' and 'Likes' how did you put the picture into that box with the link to your blog? I am trying to do it but only know how to do it by putting it on a 'Notes' page. The picture is there if you open it...but I would like the picture to show before it is opened. I hope I made this clear and not like mud!!

  3. I am enjoying your blog! I just started last week and I am working on joining your blog hop. Thanks for hosting.

  4. Hi Faith! You have a beautiful blog and family. I am following you on Social Media and just found out about your link up parties. I host a Christian Facebook group for link-up notifications and Fan Page support and would love to have you share your link-up there if you are interested! If so, it is Also, could you email me the code for you button? Thank you!


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